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Клієнт: Мадера Трейд



Logo and corporate style development
Among all the concepts, a sign was chosen that resembles the wrapper of an alcoholic drink in a minimalistic old style.

Madeira (port. Vinho da Madeira; Madeira) is a special fortified wine produced in the Madeira archipelago of the same name (autonomous region
of Portugal in the Atlantic Ocean). Belongs to the class of liqueur wines. Alcohol content 17-22%. The main technological operation is thermal oxidation. The name of the wine
is controlled by origin, therefore the name of other similar wines with the name “Madera” is illegal. The color of the madera should be the color of tea, the bouquet —
bright, original, with a “madre”, slightly caramel tone. Madeira has a weak bitter taste of smoke and bread crust, which is harmoniously combined with the taste of alcohol.
slight astringency, fullness and extractiveness. The best drinks have a distinct roasted nut flavor. Madeira-type vintage wines are produced in Ukraine — Madera Masandra, Madera Krymska; and ordinary — Madera Ukrainian, Madera Tavrida.



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