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Клієнт: GoldHill Cottage Town

Дата: 25.12.2021

Вебсайт: https://goldhillvillas.com/

Development of a logo and basic constants for a cottage town. GoldHill Villas & Resort - a new author's project of a cottage town with a view of the mountain area and its own large swimming pool.
The logo is based on the stylized letter G in combination with the silhouette of the mountains, which characterizes the place where the cottage town is located.

GoldHill Cover


Nature and mountains have never been as popular and in demand as they are today. Now mountains are a lifestyle. It is a benchmark not only of healthy recreation, but also of luxury. Healthy and luxurious rest… Such a successful combination is offered by the new ambitious GoldHill Villas&Resort project. This is a new author’s project of a cottage town with a view of the mountain area and its own large swimming pool. 12 modern villas create a large architectural ensemble in the heart of the Carpathians – in the resort town of Yaremche.



  • Develop a logo
  • Develop a visual style concept and adapt it to the medium
  • Develop a commercial proposal for potential investors

Target audience

  • Men and women 30-40 years old with a high average income, children of wealthy parents. Married, young families without children. The field of activity is the IT field, beauty and fashion, non-hearing medicine. Millennials, who appreciate and listen to modern technology, fashion and trends, love Scandinavian understated style and premium design.
  • Men and women aged 40-60 with a high average income, owners of large holdings and corporations, politicians, businessmen. They are married, have children and grandchildren. Field of activity – top managers of large companies, real estate, restaurant business, trade. Generation X, conservatives who don’t want to herd the rear and are tech-savvy, value comfort, premium and quality.




Concept Map

GoldHill Design Keywords


GoldHill Sketches

Final version

GoldHill Logo

Corporate fonts

GoldHill Fonts

Corporate color palette

GoldHill Colors





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