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Клієнт: Tour operator "Apelsyn"

Дата: 1 квітня 2013


Brand development for a tour operator.
The stylized and "tasty" silhouette of an orange was used for the concept. The combination of colored lines is associated with waves, and the color orange is associated with the sun.


Travel company “Apelsyn” is a leader in the market of recreational services. Travel company “Apelsyn” started its activities in March 2013. During this period, the company gained an excellent reputation as a stable and reliable partner. Taking into account the fact that “Apelsyn” is a young company, it easily managed to occupy one of the leading places in the tourist market of the region.


  • to create a direction of movement for the future brand
  • develop a visual solution for further use in marketing
  • develop the logo, visual style and brand book of the company

Target audience

Men and women (50%/50%), aged 25-45, who appreciate the quality of services and a full service package when looking for a vacation. Seekers of non-standard and high-quality recreation. Income – average and above average.


Graphic solution

The logo is a stylized orange, which is built from a large number of irregularly shaped ovals. Brightly intersecting with each other, the sign radiates warmth, joy and emotions, thanks to which it builds the mood and character of the entire visual style.


Company mission:

The creation of a modern company, a tour operator focused on the B2C market, which will have the following qualities: products perfectly adapted to the needs of the client, which are connected with the emotion that the consumer wants to get at the exit. Maximum well-thought-out customer support throughout the entire service provision process, an innovative, emotional approach to marketing your services.


  • Reliability
  • Care
  • Lightness
  • Innovation
  • Professionalism






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