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Опис проекту

Клієнт: Yuri Pysar

Дата: 15 червня 2018


Website design development for a well-known Frankivsk artist
Yuri Pysar is an artist known all over the world. His works adorn dozens of estates around the world.


Yuriy Pysar is a Ukrainian painter who lives in the city of Ivano-Frankivsk. The priority theme for creativity is the inner universe of a person, which the artist conveys to the viewer through elegant female forms.



  • update the site design
  • Target audience
  • connoisseurs of modern art who are ready to purchase a canvas for their own collections. Location – Ukraine and abroad (20%/80%), age 35-55, mostly men (77%)

Graphic solution

Modern landing page combined with functionality and large carnet images on the background of the site. The site contains all the necessary sections for a potential buyer – portfolio, reviews, statistics, shopping cart, etc.


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