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Опис проекту

Клієнт: Andriy Shustykevych

Дата: 15 березня 2016

Вебсайт: znymka.if.ua

Development of a logo for a photo agency
The basis of the logo is a combination of the symbol of capturing a frame on cameras and the letter Z - the first letter of the ZNYMKA photo agency


Photo agency “ZNYMKA” specializes in interior photography of hotels, premium estates, real estate and architecture.

Photo agency “ZNYMKA” is a promising and creative company in the field of photography and videography, which differs from all other competitors first of all in the quality of its services and the persistence of its individual style.


Main principles:

  • responsibility
  • a creative approach to work
  • absence of pre-packaged solutions
  • A logo for a photo agency should emphasize the above principles, create a sense of modernity and professionalism. Preference is given to simple minimalist forms. The main task of the future logo is the maximum identification of the brand with fairly simple geometric ones

Znymka (Znymka) is the word “picture”, i.e. “photograph”, which originated from the Western Ukrainian dialect.


Target audience

  • directors and co-owners of large companies, institutions or real estate, who have a high aesthetic taste and respect refined style. 50%/50% female/male, upper-middle income and high. Age 30-55 years
    Location – Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Kyiv, Bukovel.


Concept Map

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