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Клієнт: Street Coffee

Дата: 19 лютого 2020

Вебсайт: https://streetcoffee.com.ua/

Street Coffee is a chain of coffee shops in the city of Ivano-Frankivsk and the region and is one of the best in this field, as evidenced by the number of open cafes, satisfied customers and sales of coffee and fast food.
Development of a new logo design concept, packaging design and participation in the interior design of new establishments.
The main task is to make the logo modern and light.


Street Coffee is a unique chain of coffee shops that combines a coffee shop and a shop in one place. While visiting Street Coffee, you can try not only delicious coffee and enjoy fresh desserts, but also feel a positive atmosphere that will inspire you throughout the day.

The main goal of the Street Coffee chain is to introduce our city to the European style of coffee shops. It is important to enable every person to enjoy coffee not only in an expensive restaurant, in the office or at home, but also on the streets of the city.


  • update the company logo, make it more modern, maintain brand recognition
  • to develop a packaging concept for coffee
  • emphasize the accents in the interior design of the new facility in Kolomyia.
  • to develop the design of corporate style media

Target audience

  • 75% are young people, 18-35 years old, the so-called millennials and generation Z, students, young entrepreneurs, modern people who value quality, taste and cannot imagine their life without gadgets and technology.
  • 25% are middle-aged people, Generation X, who try to follow modern trends and try something new.



The new logo uses a color solution borrowed from the previous logo, thanks to which we keep the brand’s intuitive recognizability, and give it a new modern style and motion vector with the new form.

The updated logo is presented as a rectangle with a font part in which two letters F “look” at each other, symbolizing the two parts of the coffee bean.



Paper cups for different seasons



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