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Опис проекту

Клієнт: Melnychuk Family Dentistry

Дата: 15 червня 2019

Вебсайт: https://melfamdent.com/

Development of identity and branding for the Turnkey Dental Clinic.
From logo to clothing design and internal identification in premises


Clinic of a wide range of services. A well-coordinated and professional team with extensive experience in work of various complexity. Consultations of the professor and associate professors. Availability of modern equipment and technologies and perfect mastery of them.



  • develop an idea for the future of the brand and set the direction of movement thanks to a graphic solution
  • design a logo and basic visual style statements
  • develop the design of identity carriers
  • create a company brand book


Target audience

  • families and families in which dental care is one of the most important aspects of health.
  • foreigners who live locally or visit the city in search of quality services.
  • young people who carefully monitor their health and especially their teeth. Income – average or above average.
  • middle-aged people who pay special attention to their teeth and smile. Income – average or above average. Views are conservative and restrained, special attention is paid to quality and aesthetic beauty in life.


The logo is based on the idea of ​​a tree as a symbol of family and a strong bond, and teeth instead of leaves. The color scheme departs from the standard medical and therapeutic colors, instead it is more premium, calm and one that inspires trust.


Concept Map


Corporate icons

Visual identity


Logo and elements of internal identification in interior design


Updating logo and visual style  All works Logotype and packaging

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