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Клієнт: Market Kavy

Дата: 23.07.2019

Вебсайт: https://fabrykakavy.com/

Development of a conceptual logo for a store selling freshly roasted coffee
At the heart of the logo is a text version of the name with an emphasis on color and font.


The coffee market is a project that allows you to see the open picture of coffee production from the farm or cooperative to the roasting of the green beans and the packaging of the finished products. The goal of our company is to provide customers with fresh and high-quality products. For this, we work with certified green grain importers. The choice of grain consists in appropriate quality, environmental friendliness and availability for the Ukrainian market. We also make sure that the grain is fresh and harvested on time, which will allow the Viennese roasting style to reveal the full spectrum of taste that was laid in coffee by nature.


  • design a logo for a new brand
  • develop a design concept for the packaging of freshly roasted coffee.
  • create designs for basic printed materials

Target audience

  • visitors to the establishment and retail buyers of roasted coffee. 75% are young people, 18-35 years old, the so-called millennials and generation Z, students, young entrepreneurs, modern people who value quality, taste and cannot imagine their life without gadgets and technology. 25% are middle-aged people, generation X, who try to follow modern trends and try something new.

Graphic solution

At the base of the logo, the uppercase inscription is made with a light grotesque with a branded “highlight” of the keyword. Corporate style is dynamic, so the basic color scheme changes depending on the mood and character of the wearer of the design.

Concept design for coffee varieties

Packaging design concept

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