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Клієнт: Softex

Дата: 10 травня 2018


Logo design for a company that provides business automation services
Logo and identity elements.


Softex was founded in 2005. The main area of ​​activity is complex automation of all types of accounting based on software products “1C:Enterprise”, BAS, UA-Budget.

Softex is a member of the All-Ukrainian Association of Business Automators (SAB), which unites professionals in the field of business automation who use modern software products and platforms for automating business processes, including software products and services “BAS,” 1C:Enterprise , UA-Budget, etc.


  • develop an updated company logo
  • develop the design of identity carriers

Target audience

Medium and large businesses that use the services of business automation, automated accounting, CRM systems, etc.


The updated logo is based on the stylized first letter of the company’s name made up of 4 elements that symbolize data in information transmission technology.


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