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Опис проекту

Клієнт: Fabryka Kavy

Дата: 10.09.2018


Development of a new packaging concept for freshly roasted coffee and design of additional branding elements.
The main task during the development was to update the packaging design, make it simpler and more recognizable,
while maintaining the main elements of the brand.


“Fabryka Kavy” – an institution in Ivano-Frankivsk, which is engaged in professional roasting of green grains and preparation of coffee drinks. The coffee factory roasts coffee every week and delivers it to your home when the taste and aroma are at their peak. The institution was created with the implementation of the concept of quality in everything. Therefore, to be sure of the product, the Coffee Factory works with reliable Ukrainian and European green grain suppliers.


  • update the design concept for the packaging of freshly roasted coffee.
  • adapt the new design to all types of coffee and packaging volumes
  • branding of identity carriers

Target audience

The target audience can be conditionally divided into 2 types:

  • visitors to the establishment and retail buyers of roasted coffee. 75% are young people, 18-35 years old, the so-called millennials and generation Z, students, young entrepreneurs, modern people who value quality, taste and cannot imagine their life without gadgets and technology. 25% are middle-aged people, generation X, who try to follow modern trends and try something new.
  • wholesale buyers of goods for their establishments, entrepreneurs and catering establishments, coffee shops.


The idea of ​​the new concept is the maximally simplified design with an emphasis on purity, simplicity and the heart of the brand – the logo. The concept includes a sign, characteristic icons and an additional sticker with information about the type of coffee.

Final concept

Visual style and logotype  All works Logotype and Brandbook

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